Monday, February 1, 2010

dialogue, even better, colloquy

How to characterize the type of discussion between members of the same family? I know that there is much competition and controversy going on… And I am aware that some people of good will are very much worried about it; they sure are trying to do something about it… In their list of possible solutions for the problems, such people put “dialogue” at the very top… I appreciate their insights and would even like to join in their efforts to persistently call for a break with monologue, a monologue, that is, where everyone wants to speak and to listen to him/herself.

Yet, a fine nuance here: I believe the nature of conversation should not be perceived as an encounter, a confrontation, a face-off (ግጥሚያ፣ ፍልሚያ፣ ፍጥጫ)… After all, we are members of the same family. (Aren’t we? ረ በቤተክርስቲያን አምላክ! ረ በኢትዮጵያ አምላክ! ረ በወላዲተ-አምላክ!) We walk under the same sun, within the same horizon. Or so do I believe… Hence my preference to speak of "colloquy" (የእስ-በስ ውይይት) over "dialogue" (የእስ-ከሌላ ውይይት)…

With this, however, I am not undermining the difference of opinions… I am only insisting that we might discuss our differences in a less confrontational manner...

Above all, every one of us must in fact be reminded as to the nature and position of the sun under whose light we are walking.

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